ShapeOko Y-Axis Upgrade

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The last entry on the ShapeOko build was a bit bleak. The 0.2mm cuts out of copper clad PCB gave unusable results due to the Y-Axis skew under load. There were a couple different ShapeOko Y-Axis upgrade options that interested me. One extended the Y-Axis motor shaft to the other side of the table, and the other added a second motor. I already had a motor on hand, so I went that route. It was another $30 in parts to complete the mod. It went together easily, being basically a mirror image of the other side. Electrically, I wired the two Y-Axis motors in parallel, taking care to invert a phase on one of the two motors. Here is a photo of the upgraded rig.


Its not that bad, but my next issue is leveling the floor. The more level I can get it, the better trace/space I’ll be able to cut with the V-tipped end mill I’m using. Next time you see my ShapeOko, it will be cutting something that is hopefully more interesting.