ShapeOko Build

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I recently ordered and built a ShapeOko kit.  My ShapeOko build strayed slightly from the default, so I thought I’d share.

I haven’t done much with it yet, but I thought it would be interesting to drill and route a few PCB’s with it. I’ll let you know how that works out for me. A few people out on the Interwebs are attempting a home grown pick and place machine using the Shapeoko. I’ll be keeping an eye on that effort. Maybe I’ll take a stab at it myself.

So here is my setup.

ShapeOko 1


Although the Shapeoko kit runs $220, here is what the whole shebang set me back.

Belt Clamp Upgrade
The belt clamps in the ShapeOko kit probably work just fine, but they look ridiculous. I opted to print custom belt clamps that I had found on thingiverse. These appear to work great (so far), and I think they look pretty good too.

ShapeOko Belt Clamps: View On ThingiVerse

ShapeOko belt clamp

Wire Management

Split loom is available at Lowes/HomeDepot and keeps the wires nice and tidy. Don’t forget to leave some slack in the wires, so as to not limit the gantry tables mobility. I also placed colored electrical tape on each motor, and on the wire ends. That way it is easy to determine which wire ends are attached to a particular motor.

ShapeOko Split Loom


I looked at about a half dozen different spindle candidates, but the Proxxon rotary tool won my vote. In particular I went with the Proxxon IBS/E rotary tool. I liked its claims of quiet operation, as well as the 1/8″ triple slit collet. (opposed to the Dremel 4 slit collet).

ShapOko 1

Thingiverse came through again with a mount for the Proxxon.

Proton Mount: View On ThingiVerse

Proxxon ShapOko Mount

Cutting Tools

Think & Tinker seems to be a good resource for tiny drill bits, end mills, and etching bits. I bought a small variety for routing circuit boards along with a very tiny drill bit set. I ordered them with the depth ring installed. That way I can swap them out and have a known Z offset with each bit. Here is the 60 degree etching bit installed and ready for action. I just need some copper clad FR4 and I’ll be in business.

ShapeOko EndMill

I ordered a small stack of copper clad boards that should be here by next weekend. I’m excited to do some actual cutting!