Zero Research ENC28J60 Breakout Pinout

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‘Zero Research’ ENC28J60 Breakout Pinout

For a new project, I recently purchased a ENC28J60 breakout board on Ebay.  It was a decent price at $18, but there was no documentation regarding what pin was what?  When I placed the order I asked for the pinout but was ignored.  The board has “Zero Research” and “” printed in the silkscreen but I had no luck googling it and the domain is a parking page.

After over a week of no response, I finally received the device in the mail.  After ‘ohming’ it out, I thought I’d post the results here for future reference.

Another complaint about this breakout is that the distance between rows is not on an even multiple of 0.100″ so it does not fit well when plugged into a breadboard.

Pin Names Matched To Numbered Pins In Photo


Zero Research ENC28J60 Breakout

1. /CS
3. SI
4. SO
5. GND
6. /WOL
7. /INT
10. VDD

For convenience, here is a link to the ENC28J60 product page: [Enc28j60]