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K40 Laser Air Assist
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Out of the box, the K40 laser works very well with 1/8″ acrylic.  Wood, however, has been a bit of a challenge.  Its not that the K40 lacks power, its that the wood has a tendency to flame up and … Read More

K40 Laser
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For a couple years now, I’ve been interested in laser cutter/engravers.  I joined the local FabLab just to get some time on the Epilog, which as it turns out is a popular machine.  At reasonable hours, its schedule is generally … Read More

Building Wandboard Images With Yocto
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Building Wandboard Images With Yocto I just picked up a Wandboard. Its a little beast of a machine with a quad core i.MX6 and 2G of RAM. For the initial power up, I loaded a pre-built Ubuntu image. While running … Read More

MJPEG Bottle GStreamer
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Streaming MJPEG with GStreamer and Bottle Several projects of mine have used this technique. By leveraging bottle for the server and GStreamer for video, this model is clean and extremely extendable. In this stripped down example, a video test pattern … Read More

ShapeOko Y-Axis Upgrade
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The last entry on the ShapeOko build was a bit bleak. The 0.2mm cuts out of copper clad PCB gave unusable results due to the Y-Axis skew under load. There were a couple different ShapeOko Y-Axis upgrade options that interested me. … Read More

ShapeOko PCB Routing Test
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One of the reasons I purchased the ShapeOko was to route printed circuit boards.  This was my first ShapeOko PCB routing test. How did it go?  Well, disappointingly, not so well. Here is what I’ve done.   I started by downloading … Read More

ShapeOko Build
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I recently ordered and built a ShapeOko kit.  My ShapeOko build strayed slightly from the default, so I thought I’d share. I haven’t done much with it yet, but I thought it would be interesting to drill and route a … Read More

Android RTSP Client
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Android RTSP Client I mentioned in a previous post how Android makes it easy to stream from an RTSP source. There was a small amount of interest in exactly how this was accomplished, so here is a quick and dirty … Read More

Creating an RTSP Stream with GStreamer
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Creating an RTSP Stream with GStreamer Recently, we have been using an IP camera as a baby monitor to watch our 18 month old in his crib. It ran for several months without issue but then, without warning, the WIFI … Read More

Convert an Old ATX PSU to a Bench Supply
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This project is a great way to bring life back to a retired ATX power supply.  These make a great, and relatively high current, benchtop switch mode power supply.  This build provides four, non-isolated, fixed output rails at 3.3V, 5V, … Read More

Zero Research ENC28J60 Breakout Pinout
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‘Zero Research’ ENC28J60 Breakout Pinout For a new project, I recently purchased a ENC28J60 breakout board on Ebay.  It was a decent price at $18, but there was no documentation regarding what pin was what?  When I placed the order … Read More

Microchip PIC16F87X Bootloader
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Microchip PIC16F87X Bootloader In the last article I mentioned the BoostC compiler from Sourceboost. A couple years ago, when it was still undergoing development I wrote a little sample program for their examples page. At the time BoostC was free, … Read More

LED Matrix SourceBoost IDE Plugin
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LED Matrix SourceBoost IDE Plugin SourceBoost Technologies has put together a nice set of tools for Microchip PIC development. Its IDE has adopted some features I find MPLAB seriously lacking. For instance docking windows would be nice, multiple code windows … Read More